Dr. Daniel Brunner

FEMTO-ST, France

Short bio

“My research evolves around novel approaches to information processing combined with photonics. Within this field, I made fundamental observations in the field of quantum optics and am an active member in the field of photonic AI implemented in optical Neural Networks. As a long term objective I want to establish novel substrates for neuromorphic computing.

In 2015 I obtained a permanent CNRS position as a CR2 researcher at the FEMTO-ST institute. Before that, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the IFISC in Palma de Mallorca, partially funded by a Marie-Curie IEF fellowship (2011-2013, NOVALIS).

My research has been cited over 1700 times and I have been invited to over 10 international conferences. I participated and lead multiple research projects, including projects funded by the Eurpean Comission, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Industry, the French Ministry of Education and the Volkswagen Foundation. Currently, I am a PI within the Volkswagen Foundation research project NeuoQNet, and the Burgundy – Franche-Comte young research integration project RéNTOP-IA.”

Website – http://members.femto-st.fr/daniel-brunner/

Talk Title 

Scaling in optical neural networks: energy, substrates, noise and learning


The implementation of neural networks in analogue substrates is gaining substantial momentum in recent years. Besides encouraging recent progress, one needs to keep in mind and address the essential challenges: the scalability of such a computing architecture. I will highlight some of the relevant scaling challenges and put them into relationships with recently demonstrated experimental systems.