Dr. Igor Ilić

Born in Belgrade, Serbia. After obtaining PhD degree in tunneling phenomena through complex optical media at School of Electrical Engineering, as well as MSc at Faculty of Economics (both at the Belgrade University), went to London to do modelling of market risk in the stock markets for Goldman Sachs investment bank. After nearly 3 years, went back to Belgrade to lead data science team in local Microsoft Development Center, with the goal of developing artificial intelligence solutions in Azure cloud and Office suite. Author of 2 patents and 16 scientific papers in SCI journals.

Website – https://www.linkedin.com/in/igor-ilic-b85598a/


Roadmap from Academia to IT industry


After finishing the PhD, many former students are at the career crossroads – go to post-doc, stay at their current academic institution or make a transfer to industry. This talk will be about the latter for natural sciences PhD students – challenges, benefits, drawbacks and opportunities for transferring to a company after graduation. Due to the recent huge expansion of the IT industry’s labor market, this talk will be focused on the opportunities in IT, but this maps to other industries as well (financial, medical, etc.) due to the similar technologies used.