Day 1 , 26th August 2019

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Time Talk details
0845-0900 Opening session
Prof. Darko Zibar,
Prof. Sergei Turitsyn
0900-0945 Machine Learning for Photonics.
Prof. David Saad,
Aston University, UK
0945-1030 Machine learning in photonic communication systems
Dr. Darko Zibar,
DTU, Denmark
1030-1100 Coffee Break
1100-1145 Nonparametric Bayesian methods for networks.
Prof. Ljupco Kocarev,
Macedonia Institute of Sciences
1145-1230 Pre- and post-transmission digital signal processing using neural networks applied to fiber-optic communication systems relying on power modulation and power detection : Advantages and drawbacks
Dr. Mathieu Chagnon,
Bell Labs, Stuttgart
1235-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1445 Scaling in optical neural networks: energy, substrates, noise and learning.
Dr. Daniel Brunner,
FEMTO-ST, France
1445-1530 Ising machines and Random Optical Networks by tumor spheroids.
Prof. Claudio Conti,
University of Sapienza, Rome.
1530-1600 Coffee Break
1600-1630 Mode-locked fibre laser controlled by machine learning algorithms
Dr. Alexey Kokhanovskiy,
Novosibirsk State University, Russia
1630-1700 Roadmap from Academia to IT industry.
Dr. Igor Ilic,
Microsoft Development Center, Serbia.

Day 2, 27th August 2019

Time Talk Details
0900-0945 Using Machine Learning to ‘Predict’ Extreme Events in Fiber-Optics Instabilities from Single-shot Spectral Measurements.
Prof. Goery Genty,
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
0945-1030 Optimization and configuration of Programmable Photonics ICs.
Dr. Daniel Lopez Perez,
Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain
1030-1100 Coffee Break
1100-1145 Imaging with scattered light.
Dr. Ori Katz,
Department of Applied Physics, Hebrew University, Israel
1145-1230 Deep, fast and few: enhanced molecular imaging via spatial light modulators.
Dr. Hilton B. De Aguiar,
ENS Paris
1235-1400 Lunch
1400-1445 Matrix vs Machine Learning for transmitting images through multimode fibers.
Prof. Christophe Moser,
EPFL, Lausanne
1445-1530 Defibrillation outcome prediction as a potential guide to resuscitation
Dr. Marija Ivanovic,
1530-1600 Coffee Break
1600-1630 Greedy Boolean Learning in Photonic Recurrent Neural Networks
Dr. Xavier Porte Parera,
FEMTO-ST, France
1630-1700 Computationally intelligent characterization of a photoacoustic detector
Dr. M. Pavlović